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Influence the relationship between the ideal and the quality of life of working in the agricultural provinceAghdas Abedi
The Effect of Task-Based Techniques on Teaching English GrammarAzam Ramzanzadeh, Mehran Ghaffari
The relationship between the mother's stress during pregnancy and birth outcomes in children (The case study: City of Babol)Fatemeh Moradi, Ali asghar Abbasi asfajir, Mohammad Kazem Fakhri
Organizational Maturity Assessment (Case Study School teachers in Tehran) Shahrooz Dehghanipoor Tanha
Juridicial investigation of economic crimes (hoarding) Azam Rahmati, Abbas Arab Khazaeli
Predict the effectiveness of organizational communication based on knowledge management in the heads of sports federations of Islamic Republic of IranKaveh Azadeh, Saeid Fazelifar
Investigating cognitive behavioral therapy in deceasing depression level & increasing marital satisfaction in women suffering from postpartum depression in one of Ahvaz obstruction officesShahla Molavi, Gholamrezza Rajabi, Moansor Sodani, Arsalan Kani Ahmadi Golzar