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Innovation orientation, market orientation and e-loyalty (Case study: customer club of Mellat Bank)Soroush Karbalaei Mohammad, Seyed Ali Nabavi Chashmi
Organizational and Psychological empowerment in the HRM-performance linkage bank Mellat in Tehran provinceAtena Gharibnezhad, Mohammad Reza Porghorban, Ali Sorayaei
Developing and obtaining validity and reliability of a spirituality index for Tehrani citizenNasrinJalili Ebrahim Abadi, Farideh Rezaei, Amir Pirayesh, Marjan Jafari Roshan, Hassan Pasha Sharifi
Combined model of measuring of the influence of green marketing tools on consumer purchasing behaviorRogheieh Chegini Asli, Abbas Saleh Ardestani
Assessing the quality of work life and influencing factors among employeesSusan Tahmasebi, Maryam Malmir
To Investigate the Relationship between Family Social Capital of Youth and their Religiosity in TehranZeinab Meynaqhiaghdam
Investigating the effects of managerial coaching behaviors on employees’ perception of job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job performance (In Social Security Organization of Mazandaran Province)Sahar Mohsenpour, Shahrbanoo Gholipour Freydouni
Legal bases of Management in Islam to emphasize Traditions versesSoraya Hosseinzadeh
The relationship between conflict management and managers' personality traitsMostafa Bagherian Jelodar, Hamed Sareban