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The Effect of Implementation of Ethical Management-Based Systems on the Employee’s Administrative Health in the OrganizationsBahram Rohani, Forough Asadi
The Effect of Mindfulness Technique on Premenstrual Dysphonic among 20 to 45 Years-Old Married Women in TehranHajar Eshaghi, Mohammad Ghamari
Basic Methods and Standards of the Profit Prediction and Comparing the Accuracy of ThemJafar Ahmadpoor, Abolghasim Masihabadi
Predication of Marital Satisfaction and Mental Well-Being Based on InitialIn compatible Schemas in Women Suffering from InfertilityShadi Heydari Bavaghar, Bahman Akbari
Studying the Effective Factors on Online Consumers’ BehaviorDr. Dariyoush Faried, Mehdi Naghdian, Hamidreza Shokrizadeh, Azita Sadat Mozneb Emamzadeh
The relationship between website content and e-trust and effectiveness of e-marketingDr. Daruish Faried, Hamid reza Shokrizadeh, Mehdi Naghdian, Azita Sadat Mozneb Emamzadeh
Selecting construction projects based on risk evaluation approach using integrated method of fuzzy VIKOR methodAmin Bahrami, AlirezaSlambolchi, VahidKhashei
The effects of the company's ownership structure and the size of the audit firm on audit feesRoya SaeidiSough, NaserEghbali
Organizational Changes and Overcome Ways on the Resistance against the ChangeEbrahim Shiri, Asadollah Khadivi
Analyzing the Cost Stickiness in Companies with Small and Medium Size in Tehran Stock Exchange MarketAbbas Rostamloo, Mohammad ValiAbbasi
Evaluate the Relationship Between the Organizational Culture andOrganizational Innovation in Cement Factory of Ilam CityParastou Benshasteh, Yadolah Monfaredzadeh, Yadolah Delavari, Adnan Hosseini, Samir Jamshidi, Behzad Abdolahi
Behavior in Social Sciences Adopting Model of Social Etiquette by Following The Practical Pattern-Making of The Prophet (PBUH)Dr. Ahmad Bagheri, Mohammad Jafarnezhad
Postmodernism World: a Brief Analysis in Philosophical, Social and Educational AspectsJavad Shirkarami, Yadollah Dusti, Sakineh Azizi
The Relationship between Cognitive Fusion and Depression in SpousesHamid Reza SamadiFard
The Effect of Management of Normal and Abnormal Tax on Ratio of Earnings Response CoefficientAbdollah Ahmadi
The Role of Religious Orientation and Self-Efficacy in Predicting the Tendency to Addiction in University StudentsFateme Jalilian Kaseb, Mohsen Hojatkhah, Alireza Rashidi
The Comparison of Cognitive Self-Control in Addicts Who Managed to Quit and Those Who Are Still Using DrugsZahra Kolivand, Mahnaz Moghanloo
Studying and Assessing Payam Noor University (PNU), Khash BranchMansour, Jangizehi, Eisa, Sheibani Amin
Foreign Investment and its Obstacles in Iran EconomyMahrokhLotfollahi
Analytical Examination of the Conditions and Description of Being Single and Remarriage in Laws of Iran and Laws of Other Distinguished CivilizationsMohammad Taghi Daliri
The Effect of Car Quality on After-Sales Service from the Customers' PerspectiveSajjad Kheiri, Seyed Mostafa Hoseinian, Kiomars Yagmaei
Measuring the Effect of the Quality Management System on the Export of Small Production Units (Case Study: Standards and Industrial Research Office of Semnan Province)Mohammadali Ariamanesh, Hadise Fouladi, Hadise Fouladi
The Effect of Green Marketing Tools on Consumer Behavior in the MERAT POULAD ISFAHAN Engineering COMPANY (MPIEC)Zahra Abedi, Elahe Karimi, Morteza Ahmadvand
Simulation and analytical models to analyze the effects of corrective, preventive, and opportunistic maintenance policies on productivity of a flexible manufacturing cell(FMC)Abdollah Ahmadi, Kamalledin Rahmani
Provision of a Model to Spread the Use of Information Technology in ServingeyyedHabibollahMirghafoori, HosseinSayyadiToranlu, Jamal Dehghani Ashkezari
The Relationship between the Performance Components of Organizational Bonuses Based on Risk-Taking and Cooperation of Staff With Job Motivation among Staff Of Kerman Educational OrganizationsSoheila Sanati, Meisam Shamsodini
The Effectiveness of Group Therapy based on Acceptance and Commitment on the Severity of Pain, Anxiety and Depression in Hemodialysis PatientsSajadKhanjani, Yousef AsmariBadehZard, Moslem Rajabi
The Effect of Skill and Capability Types on the Management Role in the High School Principals of Orumiyeh CitySaeed Deylamghani, Leila Mosafer Yadegari, Sedigheh Salmanpour
Evaluation of Necessity and Importance of Life Skills Education for Learning Citizenship Rights in SchoolsSedigheh Salmanpour, Saeed Dilmaghani
Analyzing the Role of Audit of Performance Management on Improving Companies’ EfficiencyAbdollah Zabihzadeh
An Overview of Costing System based on ActivityFatemeh Babayi, Mojtaba Hosseinpour, Jamal Mohammadi
The Prediction of Internet Addiction according to the Dysfunctional Attitudes and Anxiety, Depression and Stress and Rumination and Suicidal IdeationMotahareh Nosratabadi, Elaheh Yari Azar
The Effectiveness of Theater Therapeutic on Anxiety, Mental Health and Personality Profiling of Youth Who Referred to The House of Culture Of Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Shiraz CityArash Ibrahimi, Dr. Kheirollah Nourian
Planning Developing Strategic of Chabahar Payam Noor University (PNU)Eisa Sheibani Amin, Mansour Jangi Zehi
Verifying Compliance of Curriculum Elements with E-Learning System according to Constructivism Approach from PNU Students’ PerspectiveTayebeh Dastanpoor, Hasan Karamalian
The Effectiveness of Intellectual Skills Training on Perceived Stress and Hope for Mothers of Children with Mental Retardation in the City of JiroftHossein Soghani
The Effectiveness of Life Skills Training on Stress, Anxiety and Marital Adjustment in Under Treatment Addicts of Yasouj Rehab CentersIbrahim Ataeian, Armin Mahmoudi
Analytical Study of Biological,Psychological,Cognitionand Social Status in Teenagers with Drop-Outand Normal TeenagersSeyyed Amir Ghadami, Dr. Gholamali Afrouz, Dr. Simin Hosseynian, Masoud Gholamali Lavasani
The Effect of Organizational Agility on Social Capital in Governmental Offices of Malekshahi CountyYadolah Monfaredianzadeh, Adnan Hosseini, Yadolah Davari, Parastou Benshasteh, Samir Jamshidi, Behzad Abdolahi
A survey of the relationship between stock price volatility and a variety of companies on the Stock Exchange (Case study: the companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange)Akbar Jelodari
Verify the reliability of production planning systems and identify deviations between programsEbrahim Sepehri Shafig, Kamalledin Rahmani
Use a simulated annealing algorithm for Integrating noncyclical preventive maintenance and production planning for multi-state systemsNader Amani, Kamalledin Rahmani
The Effects of impersonal Perceptions to buy luxury cars in TehranShiva Ahmadi Porshokoh, Behnaz Khodayari
Determination the Value of Recreational Park of Shahid Dabaqian in Bandar Abbass using the Travel Cost Method (T.C.M)Saeed Navabi, Maria Koohpayeh, Mohsen Dehghani
Investigate the Status of Anxiety and Disorder in the Social Performance and its Impact on the Physical Status of Newly Arrived Students of Orumieh Medical Sciences UniversitySayed Jalil Mousavi, Mehri Asbaqhi Pour, Zariefeh Sohrabi, Farigh Miro Gheshlagh
Evaluate the Status of Depression and Anxiety of Newly Arrived Students at Orumieh Medical Sciences UniversitySeyyed Jalil Mousavi, Zarife Sohrabi, Mehri Asbaghi pour, Shoresh Hatampour