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Governmental Budgeting and Accounting ConceptsGhodratollah Talebnia, Masume Bazrafshan
Impact of Information Asymmetry on the Performance in the Business GroupsAbdol Karim Moghadam, Masomeh Yekrahi Zade
The relationship between corporate social responsibility and customer orientation regarding the mediating role of organizational trust and job satisfaction in Daland Electric FactoryHamideh Kor, Majid Nasiri
Examine barriers to private sector investment in the agricultural industry in Mazandaran (Using the marketing mix models and techniques AHP)Zienolabedin Rahmani, Samereh AkbarPour, Vahid AbbasNia, Sajad Jamali
The effect of competitive strategies in increasing the competitiveness of the market using Porter (The case of companies distributing pharmaceutical products Mazandaran)Samereh Akbar pour, Farhan Hoseini, Sajad Jamali, Vahid Abbasnia, Mohammad Gholami Azizi
The relationship between brand advantages with customer commitment and company performance with regard to the brand moderating role (Case study: Saipa company dealers in Golestan province)Morteza Tazikeh, Majid Nasiri
WiMAX Network Security ManagementFahimeh Abbasi asl, Hamed Sareban